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Poniżej znajduje się lista naszych aktualnych projektów. Zainteresowani inwestorzy proszeni są o kontakt:

Equity investment in an SPV developing a warehouse outside Katowice, Poland.
Ca. €6.2M is invested in a SPV holding a plot of land with a final building permit granted for the construction of a ca. 36,000 m2 warehouse outside Katowice. The team behind the project puts together a credit facility for ca. €14.5M and contracts with a construction company and with tenants, as well as a feasibility study and due diligence provided by top corporate law firms and technical auditors, all in an effort sell the SPV/warehouse within 18 months to an investment fund. Alternatively, the warehouse may be kept for a passive income from on-going rental arrangements.

EXPECTED ROI 20% annually. 

Acquisition of a 45,000 m2 100% leased warehouse outside Poznań, Poland.
€30M is the estimated price of a newly completed, A-class, 100% leased (6 tenants, NOI of €1.9M p.a.) facility featuring 42,000 m2 warehouse and 2,000 m2 office space. The equity required with LTV=65% is €~10,5M.

EXPECTED ROI 10% annually. 

Equity investment in a Swiss provider of state-of-the-art low dose radiotherapy.

Three private placements totalling €11.7M are initially planned + a €90M STO in Asia, with exit planned for 2023 at NASDAQ Singapore. The Company has several decades of experience made in Switzerland in the medical industry, especially radiology, radio oncology, medical imaging and consumerization of healthcare services. The raised funds will be used to scale the business in and outside of Switzerland through the development of competence centers and mobile medical centers. The Company also plans to expand the digital platform to increase patient flow, improve logistics and scheduling of patients and doctors.

Business model forecasts the development of EBITDA from €4.8M in 2020 to €82.4M in 2025. 

Equity investment in a Polish broker of dairy products.
The Company specializes in the global trading in dairy products, offered to a variety of manufacturers as well as to wholesalers and retailers. An investment of €2.5M is required to help the Company scale the business in and outside of Poland.

Over the last 5 years the Company has managed to double sales on a year-to-year basis, e.g. from €33.7M in 2017 to €58.1M in 2018, both reinvesting the profits and paying out dividends.

Acquisition of a 2.38 ha plot of land situated in a Special Economic Zone around Legnica, complete with a building permit granted for a 3,500 m2 building combining a production unit with warehouse and office space. Options include an asset deal and a share deal involving a permit to operate in the Special Economic Zone and take advantage of tax exemptions valid up to 2026.
€400,000 is the estimated price of the plot situated in the Legnica Special Economic Zone, a highly industrialized area adjacent to the national road DK 94 and located 20 km away from the nearest motorway. Investing in a plot located in the Special Economic Zone allows to take advantage of public aid offered by the Polish government, including a tax exemption equal to 25%-45% of the investment costs or a 2-year cost of employment of new personnel. Alternatively, a share deal is possible concerning the company owning the land and having a permit to operate in the Special Economic Zone, thus allowing to use immediately the above tax exemption.

The investor can take advantage of both the tax exemption and the benefits from the use, rent or sale of the developed production/warehouse building.

Equity investment in a residential development project near Gdańsk.
The development concerns 160 apartments in a complex situated 700m from the beach, thus attracting Gdańsk residents, as well as holiday-makers and property investors. The project will be realized in ca. 3 years.

EXPECTED ROI 15% annually. 

Boutique Austrian private equity fund investing in real estate, green tech and digital media: investment in the company or project or bonds.
Investment placements from € 100,000.00 to € 2 million per convertible bond ticket possible (higher stakes, normally paid in as equity, are possible under certain conditions, particularly in case of real estate projects).
Due to the three main pillars of the holding company, i.e. real estate, green tech and digital media, there is also a diversification of risk in the form of separate GmbHs in each of which the holding company participates). Stable returns from the real estate sector are combined with higher risk/opportunity investments in new technologies.

Bonds: 8% annually, with the option to convert into shares with a 20% discount in 2021 + 5% pro rata profit participation of the holding company.
Equity: negotiable depending on the model adopted.

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