Investment consultancy

Investing in real estate is considered to be one of the best and the safest, particularly Central Europe, as the real estate market is less developed than in the West. Our strategic advice aims to optimise the investment strategy and maximise the return on investment.


What makes us different from other agents is the assistance provided personally by senior executives: licensed agents and lawyers, and not – as is the case with most real estate agencies – by young and inexperienced assistants. We offer only such projects and real properties that we have personally scrutinised.


Thanks to our knowledge of the Polish market and of the expectations of foreign investors our analysts provide to our clients (both developers and individual investors) business reports and analyses regarding the real estate market in Poland or in a selected region of our country.


Property Point provides independent appraisals, to assure that the choice of property is optimal. We may cater to any kind of requirements in respect of special expertise and whenever necessary, we may contact our Clients with external experts, such as qualified engineers, architects or surveyors. We prepare valuations both for moneylenders who need to know the market value of the collateral and for investors, including private individuals, interested in property financing.


The right choice of the property is key in obtaining the expected profitability. Property Point not only helps its Clients in making that choice, but also provides further advice with regard to strategies ensuring the highest profitability. We advise how to rent and manage real property. We also provide legal and tax advisory, so that our Clients can generate savings and obtain long-term incomes. Upon the Client’s request we advise on creating tax structures, if needed, on an international level.

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Adam Morawski